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Point to Point Service – P2P
P2P Service is the point to point direct optical fiber leased service between customer’s two locations, appropriate for demands of direct, high speed connections with extremely high security.
Service characteristic

Connection Model: Point-to-point


Customer provides and manage the equipments to meet all customer demands.


Bandwidth: 100Mbp, 1Gbps, 10Gbps.


Support multimedia traffic: voice, data, video.


High security by dedicated fiber, bypassing service provider equipment.


Optical fiber monitoring system: automatically monitor the quality of the fiber and automatically locate the fiber break location


Technical support: the line is monitored 24/7, supported by professional technicians.

SLA commitment

Availability: 99,99%

Time of Solve problem with cable: ≤4h

Technical support 24/7

Onsite Support: ≤1h