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Provider of Telecom and IT Solutions & Services, commits bring the highest quality to customers and partners.

    - Found by key members with 20+ years experience in Telco sector.


    - Granted licenses for Telecom infrastructure deployment & Telecom services provisioning.


    - 100+ IT & Telecom experts Professional sales & pre-sales workforce.


    - Offer basic and advanced Telecom and IT services/solutions based on best-of-breed infrastructure and technologies.




To become the leading Telecom & IT Service Provider in Vietnam to bring the power of communications and connections to business and entrepreneurs.


Business Philosophy



Customer-centric: The customers’ efficiency is our company objective based on ensuring the quality of products and services, the flexibility of prices and the best in customer service:


    - Customers only pay when being really satisfied.


    - Business cooperation must rely on win-win, mutually benefits to be successful.


    - Fulfill of the commitment is the key for long-term cooperation.


Our Platform


    - Solid network infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh City and more than 20 cities & provinces in Vietnam based on advanced technology.


    - Core/ POP Networks/ inter-provincial transmission cable routes.


    - The right to use the international cable routes provided by the major Telco Providers and the domestic backbone together with VTC, MBF, Gtel, SPT.