TPCOMS - Power of Communications

TPCOMS has a strong workforce of highly qualified and practical experienced experts and engineers in Telecom and IT.

TPCOMS provides integrated high-tech solutions to leverage the power of telecommunications, IT, and the Internet into all aspects of the economy and life.

Operation Platform

  • Solid network infrastructure in Ho Chi Minh City and more than 30 cities & provinces in Vietnam based on advanced technology.
  • Core/ POP Networks/ inter-provincial transmission cable routes.
  • The right to exploit international cable routes provided by the major Telco Providers and the strategic cooperation backbone routes with VTC, MBF, Gtel, SPT.

Development History

With over 20 years of experience in Telecom and IT, TPCOMS has strived constantly to bring the highest customer satisfaction and gradually affirmed its solid and prestigious brand position in the industry.



Telecommunications Licenses


Professional workforce


Multi-service development


Affirming brand position

2019 - now

TPCOMS was established in 2012 by industry experts with many years of working in the Vietnam ICT market.

License to establish public telecommunications network No. 592/GP-CVT License to provide telecommunications services No. 297/GP-CVT.

More than 200 experts, NOC-NIC technology engineers, as well as a team of sales, pre-sale, enthusiastic and responsible customer service care.

One Stop Shop Model

TPCOMS provides integrated services of telecommunications and IT packages for each specific business.

TPCloud Service

TPCOMS x VMWARE, the only Cloud deployed and validated by VMWARE in Vietnam.

  • Top Top Information Technology and Telecommunications Enterprises in Vietnam
  • Top Top Internet and Telecommunications Service Providers in Vietnam voted by Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association (HCA) in 2019
  • Top 10 Telecommunications Consulting Service Providers in Asia - Pacific (APAC) in 2019 voted by CIO Advisor magazine.
  • Top 10 Vietnam IT Enterprises 2020, 2021 announced by the Association of IT Software and Services – VINASA in the field
  • Top 10 IT service and solution enterprises in Vietnam 2020
  • Top 10 Enterprises providing Digital Infrastructure, Security and Security

Vision & Mission

To become a leading Provider of Telecom & IT Services in Vietnam, bring the power of communications and connections to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Core values

Have a responsibility to customers, to work, and to colleagues.

Take innovation and efficiency as the measure of performance.

Bring dedication and profession to our daily work.

Open and transparent work environment.

One of our experts is ready to help you