TPSolution includes solutions allowing effective communications in internal enterprises and TPCOMS to manage and monitor the infrastructure systems. TPSolution of TPCOMS provides professional support software for service features to provide timely solutions to handle problems.


TPCare PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) or a telephone system is an internal switchboard service that connects several devices, including an extension system for internal communication within the enterprise and trunk lines for external communication. It offers a professional feature set and tools that simplify operation and management, providing the ideal solution for all business communication needs.

ONMS System

The ONMSi (Optical Network Monitoring System) is a remote fiber test system that scans the fiber network 24/7 and automatically detects and locates faults. It gives warnings to help service providers and customers quickly determine the cause of the problem and take timely measures to ensure service quality.

Suggested Add-Ons Services

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Service is built on the only cloud computing platform in Vietnam, verified by VMware, complying with VMW's strict global safety and high stability regulations.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that provides a full package of resources completely separated from a public cloud computing infrastructure on VMware platform, ensuring control, visibility and security.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated Private Cloud provides a dedicated virtual server system using cloud computing technology, ensuring security, resource independence, saving hardware costs, and optimizing the management system.

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