TPData is built with high safety standards on the infrastructure system of TPCOMS Data Center, providing a full range of services related to online data, including: Co-Location, Sharing Hosting, Rack&Space service.

Co-Location Service

Co-Location provides customers with a private space on the rack system to put servers that help to use the available infrastructure services of the Data Center of TPCOMS and connect to the Internet. Using the service allows businesses to reduce costs and increase competitiveness and business flexibility.

Sharing Hosting Service

Sharing Hosting service is a professional web hosting service in which a physical server located in Vietnam is divided into many virtual servers using the same server resources. This service is an appropriate and economical solution for small and medium enterprises, which does not require much management ability, but still ensures strong configuration and high-performance stability.

Rack & Space Service

Rack & Space service is a rack rental service providing one or more standard 42U Racks. TPCOMS provides leased Racks, including network cabinets and connections to customers at TPCOMS Data Center, providing a modern information technology system and technical conditions. The best technology with guaranteed bandwidth for the server to work on the Internet 24/7/365.

Suggested Add-Ons Services

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Service is built on the only cloud computing platform in Vietnam, verified by VMware, complying with VMW's strict global safety and high stability regulations.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that provides a full package of resources completely separated from a public cloud computing infrastructure on VMware platform, ensuring control, visibility and security.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated Private Cloud provides a dedicated virtual server system using cloud computing technology, ensuring security, resource independence, saving hardware costs, and optimizing the management system.

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