TPMedia is the voice and SMS services provided by TPCOMS on the existing telecommunications infrastructure. This is a comprehensive, modern, and cost-effective solution for businesses. TPCOMS ensures to provide the highest quality of service with upgraded and expanded infrastructure and continuously updated technology.


Conference Service provides online meeting room solutions with cost savings and quick deployment for businesses, including modern integration features. TPCOMS brings customers the most realistic sound quality and simplicity of management and operation to help enterprises be ready for meetings anytime and anywhere.

SMS Brandname

Brandname message service – SMS BrandName is a promotional tool aimed at customers through messages. The service displays the company’s name, Brandname, and trademark as the sender (From) instead of displaying the phone number as the normal SMS message. Brand messaging represents the difference in the advertising and communication of your business.

Voice IP Service

VoIP Virtual PBX is a professional phone service that uses an IP platform to make calls to any number worldwide, with high call quality and cost savings. Enterprises can use Virtual PBX service with IP phone or available analog phone via IP gateway or Softphone software installed on computers. Businesses do not have to pay any additional costs other than the monthly service fee.

Suggested Add-Ons Services

Public Cloud

Public Cloud Service is built on the only cloud computing platform in Vietnam, verified by VMware, complying with VMW's strict global safety and high stability regulations.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that provides a full package of resources completely separated from a public cloud computing infrastructure on VMware platform, ensuring control, visibility and security.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated Private Cloud provides a dedicated virtual server system using cloud computing technology, ensuring security, resource independence, saving hardware costs, and optimizing the management system.

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