Corporate Culture

TPCOMS opens a transparent environment for employees to be dedicated and creative from their discover potential. In addition, TPCOMS also organizes training sessions and cultural activities to help employees adapt and engage with the corporate culture.

Work environment


TPCOMS creates an open work environment, breaks down all barriers, and encourages all employees to participate in discussions and collaboration, and be willing to share and contribute personal ideas.


Each TPCOMS member brings dedication and professionalism to our daily work and displays responsibility towards customers, work, and colleagues.


TPCOMS respects the differences and uniqueness of each employee, encourages them to develop themselves in their own way.


Employees at TPCOMS always bring their enthusiasm and determination to find solutions to achieve the set goals.


TPCOMS employees are always sincerely open in communication and ready to support, coordinate with colleagues to achieve company goals.


TPCOMS encourages innovative, creative ideas, an enterprising spirit, change to develop, and success.


Each TPCOMS employee will participate in internal training sessions on corporate culture, professional ethics, code of conduct, and essential expertise.

Additionally, TPCOMS applies practical thinking training methods, gives employees job opportunities, and promotes the adventurous spirit. We create a dynamic and collaborative environment for employees to enhance their knowledge and skills in realistic situations. That can help to maximize the abilities and qualifications of each employee.

Annual activities

With the spirit of “work hard, play hard”, TPCOMS organizes yearly cultural activities and events to give employees moments of relaxation, internal cohesion increase, and opportunities to participate in meaningful community activities.

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