Point to Point Service - Dark Fiber

P2P Service – Dark Fiber is the point-to-point direct optical fiber leased service between 2 or more locations of customers, appropriate for establishing the direct connection, unlimited bandwidth, high-speed 1Gbps – 10Gbps, and absolute security.

Service characteristics

Point-to-point Connection Model


Customers choose flexibly by themselves according to their needs with services.

Unlimited bandwidth

Meet all bandwidth requirements: 100Mbp, 1Gbps, 10Gbps with low fixed rental costs.

Multi services

Support multi services: voice, data and video.

High security

Use dedicated, direct cable, not through service provider equipment.

Optical fiber monitoring system

Automatically monitor the quality of the fiber and locate the fiber break location.

High reliability

Wide infrastructure coverage, high reliability, customers have full control over the transmission line.

Technical support

The service is monitored 24/7, supported by a team of professional technicians.

Service characteristics

Availability: 99,99%

Guaranteed packet transmission: 99.50%

Time of solve problem with cable: ≤4H

Technical Support 24/7

Onsite support: ≤1H

Support processing logic <30 Min

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